Farshid Raissi obtained his Ph. D. and MSc from the university of Wisconsin, Madison in 1995 and 1992, respectively and his BS from Louisiana State University in 1988, all in electrical engineering. His research has included following areas:
micro and nano-electronics1-4, microfluidics5, IR sensors6-9, gas detectors10,11, millimeter and X-ray detectors12-15, superconductivity theory16,17, superconducting electronics18-22, and MEMS23.
His work has been primarily focused on his own ideas such as field effect diode1, vortex-vacancy transistor18, soliton transistor20, Josephson fluxonic diode22, Josephson fluxonic BJT21, and PtSi/porous Si single-electron device8.
He is also the cofounder of YnSaleh Inc. (www.ynsaleh.ir) and serves as its chairman of board of directors.

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