Imagine a world where transportation is like the popular cartoon series of the past: Flintstones.  Well, that is possible with room temperature superconductivity!  Superconductors make levitation possible at no energy cost.  Vehicles can be powered manually or by small solar cell batteries.  

Thanks to a newly published theory by Farshid Raissi (CTO, III-V Technologies GmbH), room temperature superconductivity becomes possible if some feasible conditions are met.  In a paper published in AIP Advances 9, 075022 (2019);, Raissi explains how superconductivity is occurring in high Tc superconductors and how the temperature at which they remain superconducting can be increased to room temperature range.

If room temperature material is synthesized, a revolution in the automotive/transportation industry would occur in which no fossil fuel would be needed to either power the automobiles or generate electricity to charge electric vehicles.

This along with other energy-saving benefits of superconductors would substantially reduce our carbon footprint, making it possible for the planet to reverse the course of global warming.